Volunteer to write

We are a community, a family of environmental enthusiasts. if you love Environment and hope for a greener and much healthier and fresh Africa. You are most welcome to the Green Paparazzi family. Everybody can be a writer and everybody can say a word that can save our environment and make Africa a better place for the generations to come after us. Pick up that pen and paper and send us your articles at editorial@greenpaparazzi.com.

What kind of Articles are accepted

We accept the following categories of Articles;

Hard news stories, Typically referred to as breaking news stories in the areas of travel (ie. Accidents, news laws regarding travel, amendments in Visa policies and any such related news), Environmental stories ( ie New policies to protect environment, Natural disasters, Strikes and protests related to environment and any efforts to restore environment like tree planting, channel clearing , garbage collection drives etc). you can find more guidance on how to write good news stories here

We also accept feature and Magazine stories. ( These are stories that are descriptive in nature. You may write a story telling the world how the environment in your community has been getting destroyed slowly, You could write telling the world what you or your community has been doing to save the environment. Remember by environment we mean and are looking at wetlands, forest, rivers, lakes, oceans, general vegetation, atmosphere and animals around you.). You can find more guidance on writing feature stories here

We also accept commentaries and opinion articles on topics relating to the environment