Submit Photo Voices

So much goes on around our environment even in places our reporters have not yet reached, we believe you can let the world know what is happening there. In our Photo voices we display in pictures the following;

The Aftermath dangerous environmental activities, this could include flooding in your your community, uncontrolled garbage disposal, Desertification, huge fumes from Industries and definitely pictures from all natural disasters related to environment.

Activities destroying our environment and exposing Africa to global warming, This could include wetland destruction, poor Plastic and Polythene disposal and contamination, forest destruction.

Pictures of activism for a better and greener Africa, safe and free from pollution. This could include pictures of demonstrators carrying out focused strikes to call for action for environmental protection as well as pictures from environmental protection including tree planting, wetland demarcation, polythene collection and destruction.

At the end of the day we want the world to know how beautiful Africa is and what a good environment looks like. if you have pictures of a health environment, send them and lets show the world how good your environment is.

Send your photos to

Criteria so submitting photos

1.All photos should be taken by a camera of a resolution not less than 600px by 600px. you could use a phone or Camera to take the picture as long as your end resolution meets 600px

2. All images received that match the above criteria will be published on a free license basis. We do not sell your photos rather we use them to communicate to the world about our environment. We however acknowledge you as the origin author of the photo and will subsequently add you on our about us page as a contributor. Please remember to send your small photo along side your photographs for inclusion in our Environmental army page.

3. Please note that you should only submit photographs you have taken by your self or those that you have the permission to use. Green paparazzi will not be responsible for any legal complaints arising from publishing copyrighted images.