Sponsor a news trip

We are founded and located in Kampala, the central business district of Uganda – The pearl of Africa. Our primary goal is to provide accurate, appropriate and responsible environmental reporting through out Africa. Since we are a community of Journalists and well wishers who have brought our skills together for a common goal, we do not have a funding base. We appeal to Individuals, organizations and well wishers to sponsor our journalists on trips to various countries around Africa on news and feature writing assignment. Look through our team on the About us page and select a journalist of your choice you would wish to sponsor on a news writing trip.

How can I decide which journalist to sponsor and where to?

If you have an environmental hazard or degrading activity that is going on around your community from any location in Africa, yet you do not have the voice to let the world hear about this, you can select a journalist from the about us page and sponsor him/her to travel to that location to cover that story. We advise you to read through the different stories we have reported and written about and select that journalist whose writing appeals most to you. You can let us know about this by writing to us at editorial@greenpaparazzi.com