Sunday School children test postive of the deadly Sars CoV-2 in Uganda

Kampala– Authorities in Uganda are increasingly concerned over the rising numbers of new infection in the country. This comes as 11 members of the famous Watoto church choir tested positive with the Sars CoV-2. The choir who had been on a 14 days mandatory quarantine had just returned from a musical tour of the United […]

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Kasiry Gwanga

Ugandan General Kasirye Ggwanga uses his gun to protect the environment

While many generals may use their rifles to fight bloody wars, Ugandan General Kasirye Ggwanga uses his AK47 assault rifle to protect the environment. For the past decade, Ggwanga has shot to disable a number of trucks that have involved in elicit timber trade. But that is not just all, Ggwanga seems to have a […]

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Ghana to sell wood to french government worth $50 Million

Huge tropical trees that have been submerged beneath Ghana’s lake Volt for more than 5 decades could be used to reconstruct a cathedral at Notre-Dame in France according to BBC Africa. The Ghanaian company that holds government concession to harvest the wood has submitted a proposal to the French government for consideration to supply this […]

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Rwandas’ ban on plastic bags signals a brighter future for the country

Rwanda may be known to many as East African community cleanest and fastest growing republic. This beauty however comes with total commitment to preserving a beautiful country for generations to come. While you may enjoy shopping in a plastic bag, it is illegal and punishable in Rwanda to use, procure, manufacture and distribute plastic bags. […]

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