We are a community of journalists, and environmental enthusiasts sharing a common dream that Africa deserves to be green, fresh, natural and free from all sorts of pollution and contamination so that the generations after us can still celebrate and live healthy and safely.

We are founded and located in Kampala, the central business district of Uganda, but our operations cover Africa at large. While the media world dwells on political breaking news, we are saying no no no because without a safe environment and clean oxygen we have no life. We therefore have chosen to dedicate our time and skills to write accurate, educative and informative environmental news and feature story to influence policy decisions makers to take action and make policies that protect the environment for the generations to come after us.

Our Vision

We envision an Africa that is green and blossoming with natural flowers (Not Chinese made flowers), Africa that is free from contamination and pollution and safe for human and animal to live in.

Our Mission

To mitigate the aftermath of Global warming currently affecting Africa s a result of environmental destruction by creating awareness about the current environmental degradation pattern in Africa that are making Africa more vulnerable to Global warming

Our team

David Oriokot, Founder Green paparazzi a professional Journalist, Environmental Activist, Pan African Activist , Motivation speaker and Communication consultant