Sunday School children test postive of the deadly Sars CoV-2 in Uganda

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Kampala– Authorities in Uganda are increasingly concerned over the rising numbers of new infection in the country. This comes as 11 members of the famous Watoto church choir tested positive with the Sars CoV-2. The choir who had been on a 14 days mandatory quarantine had just returned from a musical tour of the United Kingdom and Canada. The affected included the Seven children and four adults who were part of the choir mentors and leadership.

There have been rising concerns over the safety of church goers at the watoto church following this shocking revelation however Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo, Associate Team Leader, Watoto Church said in a statement that the congregations were safe because the choir did not come in contact with the congregations.

Security operative wips hawker who disobeyed the presidential directive for all people to vacate the city center

President Yoweri Museveni had earlier on banned all social gathering including exorbitant weddings, burials, all religious gatherings and political gatherings among other making the country more safer from infections.

Two days ago, the president also banned all means of transport all over the country to avoid infections being carried from the urban centers to the rural areas of the country. The president also stopped workers except for essential workers including media, medical, banking, electricity, water, funeral services, military, police and other security agencies.

At least 44 people have currently tested positive of the corona Virus in Uganda without any death reported since the the first case was reported.

Authorities are also holding a local pastor for claiming that there is no Corona out break in Africa. Pastor Augustine Yiga commonly known as “Abizayo” claimed that the Corona virus is no different from the normal flu that Africans have always suffered from adding that the reason the number of death from the corona virus is low in Africa is because Africans have strong immunity against corona viruses since they repeatedly suffer from flu something authorities here in Kampala say is misleading to the general public and defeats the fight against the deadly virus.

Uganda has also sealed off its borders and major entry points banning all local and international flights except for cargo planes. For those planning to travel to Uganda, please kindly note that all entry ports have been sealed of, find more advice on where to travel withing Africa from the TOP 75 Africa Travel Blogs

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