Rwandas’ ban on plastic bags signals a brighter future for the country


Rwanda may be known to many as East African community cleanest and fastest growing republic.

This beauty however comes with total commitment to preserving a beautiful country for generations to come. While you may enjoy shopping in a plastic bag, it is illegal and punishable in Rwanda to use, procure, manufacture and distribute plastic bags.

The country has deployed plastic bag vigilantes in airports, cities and villages and these tip authorities of any suspected usage, sales or manufacturing of Plastic bags.

At all entry points to the country, Authorities work tirelessly to check and insure that travelers and immigrants to the country do not smuggle any plastic bags to the country.

Rwanda is one of the very first African countries to join more than 40 countries in banning plastic bags. Unlike countries like China, Italy and France. in Rwanda, the story is different as much stricter measures are taken against offenders.

Traffickers caught carrying illegal plastic are liable to be fined, jailed or forced to make public confessions. while Smugglers can receive up to six months in jail.

Photo credit: Global Citizens: The ban on plastic bags is paying of in Rwanda as evidenced in the cleanness and freshness Kigali city offers

Authorities in Rwanda say the bags contribute to flooding and prevent crops from growing because rainwater can’t penetrate the soil when it is littered with plastic. This is absolutely true and non questionable.

This young vibrant country is a living example that needs to be followed by the rest of African Countries. In fact 15 African countries are known to have enacted some sort of laws banning the use of plastic bags but still scores of plastic bags can be seen flying around the major cities and ghettos.

The commitment is seemingly paying of as Rwanda is today presumed to be Africa’s Cleanest city.

You can visit Rwanda and see the beauty for you self but remember never to carry a plastic bag as you head to Rwanda. Nice stay and dream a beautiful Africa

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