5 ways to make money from your environment

5 best ways to make money from your environment

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Iin this article we explore 5 best ways in which you can make money from your environment and continue to enjoy the vast advantages our environment has to offer. Lets preserve the environment for future generations by making money from the environment in the following ways;

1. Invest in a forest Cottage

One of the surest ways to make money alongside a rich environment is by investing in a forest cottage. Yes! you heard that, this may seem a nightmare but it is real .For the purpose of this article, we visited Masindi town in mid western Uganda where we met an environmental enthusiast Harimah Nantogo, the proprietor of Saltek Forest cottages in Masindi.

The magnificent Saltek Forest cottage provide breath taking accommodation to tourists to Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison falls beneath a man-made pine forest and other fruit trees including mangoes, oranges and guavas. It’s unbelievable how this once bare land now buzzes with different insect species flapping their stylish wings around the various floral beauty. The serene environment presents with natural fresh oxygen and guests are endlessly entertained to playful friendly monkeys. You do not need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning while sleeping at Saltek Forest cottages, you can always count on the over 54 bird species formed up in numerous bands and choirs that kick start your day with beautiful melodies as early as 5:30 am. A day spent at the hammocks just beneath the forest is an eye engaging day as you come face to face with over 20 species of butterflies as you enjoy the classic WIFI. Saltek Forest cottages is today rated the fastest growing ecotourism destination in Masindi. Travellers sleep in this serene accomodation from as low as 35 USD to 50 USD per night. Hariimah does not regret the investment as she earns conveniently. In fact if you care about the environment and your health we encourage you to sleep in such condussive places when you travel around Africa because you will help save the environment for future generations.

2. Invest in a tour company

Indeed tourism is one of the biggest exchange foreign earner for most African Countries. From the west African coastal beaches through the tropical forests of the Congo. Uganda and Rwanda to the white sand beaches of Zanzibar. Millions of Dollars are exchanged daily for different tourism activities. You could position a business that offers tour services and make money from your environment and promote a healthier Africa.

Today’s leading business in the tourism sector like Muafrika adventures and All seasons Adventures offer Gorilla tracking and trekking services in the jungles of Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo at affordable costs where they employ a number of people as tour guides, drivers, web developers and accountants. As you can see this business was started by an individual but now benefits the community in terms of job creation. Many African Countries earn huge amounts on taxes from tourism. Okay seriously, while you may need a week to cut down a tree and burn it into charcoal to earn 30 dollars per bag. Tourism businesses are earning between 500 to 5000 dollars by taking people around the environment. You too could protect the environment and earn from it.

3. Tree Plantation

While the forests are getting totally depleted, the need for construction poles, firewood, timber and herbal medicine is on the sharp rise. Gone are the natural forests where the community could freely harvest building poles at wish. Today a eucalyptus pole for construction in Uganda goes for 5000 to 15,000 Uganda shillings equivalent to 1.5 to 3.2 Dollars. An acre of land can accommodate up to 6000 eucalyptus and can mature between 2 to 3 years for construction purposes. Need for poles for telecommunications and electrical lining is on the increase and telecommunication and electric poles cost between 300,000 to 1,800,000 Uganda shillings equivalent to 81 to 486 dollars. Pine trees are on high demand for ply wood, paper and timber factories that are cropping up as the continent enters into a chapter of industrial revolution.

With controlled harvesting and proper replanting and management, you could turn your self to a millionaire of the century by simply planting trees. The most amazing part is that, you actually make the money while enjoying the health benefits that forest have to offer.

4. Setup a polythene and plastic recycling business

Oh yes, Africa is chocking on plastic and polythene waste. These waste has rendered the soils non fertile as it stops the water from penetrating the soil. At the extreme young children and animals have been suffocated and died by polythene waste. Our environment is submerged in plastic wastes, Many towns around Africa face flooding due to blocked drainage arising from plastic waste.

You could turn this disaster into a money making opportunity by starting a plastic recycling business in your community. There are two folds to this opportunity, on the very bare side you could start to collect plastic and polythene waste from your community and sale then for cash to plastic recycling companies around you. Yes its possible Coca cola for instance buys their plastic soda bottles for cash. Other companies that may buy plastic waste include Nile Plastics (Uganda), Luuka Plastics (Uganda), Asante waste management (Uganda), Silafrica( Uganda), Zoom Lion Integrated Recycling and Compost Plant IRCOP (Ghana), Ga-Mashie Aerobic Compost Facility (Ghana), South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (South Africa), Plastics SA (South Africa). You can find more companies that recycle plastic and polythene waste in your country here. You could also source partners and buy machinery that recycle these plastic waste and make a fortune while preserving the environment for future generations.

5. Try fish farming

The market for fish is so vast yet the supply is running short every day. Fish is constantly needed in hotels, restaurants, schools and families for its high vitamin supply in the daily diet. Most parts of Africa are blessed with fresh water bodies including lakes, rivers, streams and swamps. Unfortunately specifically for the streams and swamps, the local populations have turned them into rice and sugar cane cultivation areas. This is absolutely wrong because the co system needs these water catchment areas to provide a balance to life. We can maintain the balance by establishing fish ponds around the streams and earn beautiful money without destroying the swamps and streams. If you need more information on fish farming, follow these links Simple Methods for Aquaculture – Handbook on fish farming

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